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Mobile:  07739 380534
Workshop:  01634 831456
Address:  6 Ordnance Mews
The Historic Dockyard
Chatham, Kent, U.K. ME4 4TE

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This bas relief panel was  commissioned by the Metropolitain Police Sikh Association to celebrate 300 years of the Khalsa Raj.  It depicts the conversion of Banda Singh Bahadur kneeling before Guru Nanak, the founder of the religion of Sikhism.
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This exquisitely detailed crucifix began as a restoration job for St. Augustine's Church in Gillingham when this statue was vandalised and an arm was stolen in 2011.  Paul carved a new arm to replace the stolen appendage.  Three  weeks later, the vandals returned, broke the sign down, and stole the crucifix.  Paul set to work and carved this wonderful copy of the original which today stands outside St. Augustine's Church.
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These stations of the cross were carved by Paul in 1993 for All Saints Church, Gravesend.
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Paul made this richly carved plaque for the Metropolitain Police Sikh Association.  The plaque was presented to The Cara Narak Schools in Hayes Middlesex.