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Mobile:  07739 380534
Workshop:  01634 831456
Address:  6 Ordnance Mews
The Historic Dockyard
Chatham, Kent, U.K. ME4 4TE

Furniture Restoration
paul 144
These two frames suffered severe water damage.  Paul repaired the damaged scrollwork and replaced the water gilding.
paul 145
paul 149
Both sides of this frame were missing but a small part of it had been nailed to the top.  Paul replaced the top and completely rebuilt both sides.
paul 147
paul 146
Sadly after decades of neglect, this frame suffered severe damage and was feared to be unsalvageable.  Fortunately Paul stepped in to rescue this piece from certain destruction.  First Paul painstakingly replaced the damaged or missing scrollwork with new carving.  Only when Paul was satisfied that his work matched the original perfectly did he then gild the entire frame to restore it to its former beauty!

paul 154
paul 153
Paul carved the delicate floral motif forming the crest of this clock carved for Derek Roberts Clocks