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Mobile:  07739 380534
Workshop:  01634 831456
Address:  6 Ordnance Mews
The Historic Dockyard
Chatham, Kent, U.K. ME4 4TE

Paul re-gilded the Coat of Arms which adorns the Main Gates to The Historic Dockyard in Chatham, Kent, England.
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To the right is the Arms of the Bishop of Rochester commissioned from Paul for St. Nicholas Church, Rochester, 1987.
Here is some of Paul's work which you can seewhen you visit the Historic Dockyard in Chatham
Unfortunately this is not Paul in this photo but Paul did carve the figurehead for the H.M.S. Gannet  which is now in permanent drydock at the Chatham Historic Dockyard.  As Paul fondly remembers, "The reason I first came to the Chatham Historic Dockyard in 1987 was to carve the figure head for the H.M.S. Gannet, which I carved from Russian Pine."
To the right is an example of Paul's mastery of relief carving.  Pictured here is an exquisite  copy of a Launching Gavel which Paul carved for the Chatham Historic Dockyard in Kent, UK.
Paul was commissioned by the Historic Dockyard of Chatham to carve this exquisite plaque to welcome visitors to the new Hearts of Oak Gallery which recently opened in the Dockyard Museum. 

The Hearts of Oak Gallery uses more than 20 years of research and understanding to retell the story of the construction of wooden-hulled sail-powered warships at Chatham Dockyard.

At the time the Dockyard was the world’s greatest dockyard of the age of sail – building the ships that led to British command of the world’s oceans for 150 years.
English woodcarvers have chosen oak as their preferred medium since the 16th century.

When presented with the task of carving a special piece to welcome visitors to the "Hearts of Oak" gallery at the Chatham Dockyard Museum, no other wood wood could be more suitable than the finest English Oak.

The plaque depicting a shipwright plying his trade, mallet in hand, is framed by meticulously carved oak leaves and acorns.
On your next visit to the Historic Chatham Dockyard Museum, be sure to visit the newly opened Hearts of Oak Gallery and look for Paul's carving of a shipbuilder just inside the main entrance.